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Access Control Equipment

Access Control Equipment

Reader Pedestals, control from key pads and push buttons to video intercoms and fingerprint recognition systems. We supply a vast range of access control to enable you to give your customer the complete package. Our equipment is tried and tested and is often cheaper than other makes. This is because we have had equipment in most cases made specifically for us to exacting standards. We have a new range of GSM products recently added too.

About this product: Single Channel Loop Detector

Our Single/Dual channel vehicle / inductive loop detectors are a high quality product. Single channel loop detectors are used to identify the presence of vehicles by means of an inductive loop buried under the road. These “single chip” microprocessor-based units benefit from a detect filter and frequency indicator and are suitable for parking control and motorised door or gate applications all detectors are CE tested and approved.

Key Points:

Single OR Dual Channel

Standard Size

Led Diagnostic Lights

Standard Connection Pins

Frequency Change

Easy Dip-Switch Settings

Different detector strength settings Dual Channel Loop Detector

Retains settings after power failure

Power Modes: Theses are available in 24v or 230v

Powerfail memory (optional) – to retain presence when power is restored.

  • Compact size

Diagnostic capabilities (when used with a DU100)

Selectable permanent presence (to eliminate premature barrier / gate closure)

Loop isolation protection

Loop frequency indication (to eliminate interference with adjacent loops)

Automatic sensitivity boost (ASB) – for reliable detection of high-bed vehicles (e.g. lorries)

Detect filter – for screening out unwanted inputs.

Model Series: DH16A-30DTCompetition Keypad


With internal EM reader(Frequency: 125KHz)

Zone one: up to 1,000 passwords & 1,000 card holders

Zone two: up to 10 passwords & 10 card holders

2 - 6 digits password length

Built-in anti-tamper function

Watchdog timer, powerful reboot and self-recovery watchdog

can connect with the external unlock button

Water-proof, IP Rating: 65

Unlock output delay time: 0-99s

Body Colour: Silver

Body Material: Aluminium Alloy

Card Mode: EM ID Card

Read Range: 5 – 10cm

Card Capacity: 1010 Pcs

DC Input: 12/24v

Standby Current: <80mA

Working Current: <100mA

Working Temperature: -20C ~ 50C

Dimension: 120 x 76 x 34

About this product: Push Button Group

Triple Push Button for Access Control Push Buttons can be used to send an open command to automatic entrance systems. These can be in a variety of configurations to suit the user's needs. The push button is made from plastic it is an IP rated enclosure. It omits a momentary pulse. It comes pre-assembled for ease of installation. These buttons come complete with a sticker pack so you can label the buttons with their use.

Key Features:

Item: Control Buttons

Type: Pre-assembled

Contact Type: 1NC

Power: 10Amps 500v AC

CE Marked: YES

Dimensions: 130mm x 65mm Number of

Buttons: One/Two or Three

About this product: PC300 Photo Cells

Basic Info Safety photocells compatible with most 230v gate automation systems SUPPLIED WITH BATTERIES

Flat self-aligning photocell receiver-transmitter set Range: up to 38 m Supply: 12~24V/Battery (li-ion)

Can be fitted both horizontally and vertically 180° rotation

Power supply Receiver: 12 ÷ 24 Vac/dc

Battery type: 2 Lithium Batteries

Trigger time: < 30 ms Reset time: < 120 ms Protection rating: IP 56

TL-200 Traffic LightsAbout this product:

Traffic lights, which may also be known as stoplights, traffic lamps, traffic signals, stop-and-go lights robots or semaphore are signalling devices positioned at road intersections, pedestrian crossings and other locations to control competing flows of traffic.They indicate to users to proceed or stop. All our range of LED traffic lights are tough durable and exceptional quality. Our lights come with two different mounting options Brackets which have cable ducts or they can be mounted on to a pole. They are easy to fit and come pre-wired for ease. We offer 2 different Power types 12/24v and 110/240v to suit you application.

Key Points:
IP Rated: YES IP65
Lens Quantity: TWO
Lens Colours: Red/Green
Power: 240v/110v or 24v/12v availiable
Mounting Type: Pole Mounted or Bracket Mounted
Dimensions Lens: 100mm OR 200mm
Dimensions Unit 100mm: 300mm x 150mm x 100mm
Dimensions Unit 200mm: 510mm x 255mm x 100mmTL-100 Traffic Lights

About this product:Remote Reciever Board & Fobs

Key Points

· Supports up to 200 users

· Easy to program

· Power needed is 12v or 24v DC

· Dual Channel Output

· Full instructions provided

· Compatible with 99% of productsRemote Fobs

· IP55 rated enclosure

· Small form factor for easy fitting 

Tech Spec 

· Product Spec: 315/433MHz FCC CE standard RF

· Voltage: 3.0-5V

· Current: 5.7 mA

· Frequency: 315MHz, 433.92MHz

· Sensitive: -107dBm

· Data Rate: 4.8Kbps

· Operating Temperature: -20 to 85

· Dimension: 33mm (L)*11mm (W)*5mm (H)

· Antenna: Length=22.6cm for 315MHz; Length=17cm for 433.92MHz

About this product: Key Switch

Key Switches Key operated switches are designed for use in applications where access to electrical systems or equipment needs to be restricted. For example key switches provide secure access to security systems, restricted areas and the control of machines. Specs

  • Available in one gang or narrow style sizes.

  • Flush mounted.

  • Surface box available.

  • Sealed terminals.

  • N/O & N/C contacts.

  • ‘Disc tumbler’ type cylinder.

  • Key retrievable in both positions.

  • Momentary (0668-1) key retaining.

  • Maintained (0669-1) key retrievable in both positions.

Maintained operation.

APC Battery Back UpsAPC's Back-UPS 650EI offer guaranteed power protection for computers and other electronics in your home or business. Models provide enough battery backup power so you can work through short length power outages as well as safeguard your equipment from damaging surges and spikes that travel along utility and data lines. Together with a variety of standard features, APC’s Back-UPS 650EI are perfect choices to protect your productivity from the constant threat of bad power and lost data.

Our New UPS units are compact and easy to mount, a small unit that packs a BIG punch.

The Battery Back Ups can be used on our equipment as follows:

* Please note these tests were performed without accesories and in a controlled enviroment. Results may differ from this on site.

AEG UPS Table UPS Rear Shot