6 Things to Look for in an Access Management Manufacturer

So, you’ve got a client who is asking for a new access management system for their site. 

This isn’t your first rodeo – you’ve fit a variety of security gates in the past; however, you’ve never been satisfied with the quality of the products (or the frustrating install process). 

As a result, you decide it’s time to find a new access management manufacturer… but where do you start?

There are multiple manufacturers to choose from in the UK, making it difficult to know who is best suited to your needs. Unfortunately, poor access management products reflect badly on you and your business – if you install sliding gates for a client which breaks within a year, who are they going to blame? You!

In this blog, we’ll run through 6 things to look for when choosing an access management manufacturer, helping you to find a quality access management solution that works for you and your clients. 

Quality products, quality materials

Security gates and access management solutions should last for years.

This longevity is achieved through the use of high-quality materials, such as galvanised steel and reinforced aluminium. 

When talking to a potential access management manufacturer, query them on the materials they use, and ask to see examples of their previous installs. They should be able to run through a variety of long-lasting security solutions that they’ve provided. If they can’t, they may not be worth your time!

At Parking Facilities, we pride ourselves on our quality – once installed, your customers can rely on their chosen perimeter access solution for years to come!


Bespoke products manufactured to your needs

Sometimes you don’t want bog standard products. Your manufacturer needs to be flexible enough to be able to customise their products to meet your clients’ unique needs. 

Whether that’s integrating access management with existing systems, accommodating complex site layouts, or customising features for enhanced functionality, your chosen manufacturer needs to be able to meet any and all security needs. 


Engineered in the UK

The best perimeter security & access management products are engineered right here in the UK. 

If you want to guarantee that you’re installing the highest-quality gates, barriers and turnstiles, you want to know that they’re made in the UK. 

Not only does this assure you that each product is precisely manufactured, but you also know that, in the event of an issue with the product, it won’t take days or even weeks to get the problem solved. New parts can be manufactured and shipped far more efficiently if the process is kept in the UK rather than abroad. 


Cutting-edge, innovative products

The landscape of security technology is continually evolving. With new tech emerging on seemingly a daily basis, you want to be assured that your chosen manufacturer is innovative and willing to keep up with the ever-changing tech landscape. 

Your clients might want advanced features such as biometric authentication, cloud-based management, and mobile access for their access management solution; can your chosen manufacturer keep up with these demands?

Want to see how cutting-edge tech can meld with quality access management products? Click here. 


Highly experienced team

Last, but by no means least, you want to ensure that the team you’re working with have a broad range of experience in the access management space. 

Experience is everything when it comes to access management, especially if you have a highly specific client, or you want to ensure that your reputation remains intact. Treat your manufacturer as a partner (and expect the same in return). You’ll get significantly more out of the relationship by working closely as a team. 


Choose Parking Facilities – premium UK access management manufacturers

When looking for a new access management manufacturing partner, look no further than Parking Facilities

Our complete range of access management products and accessories are designed to deliver the highest standard of security, convenience and automation that money can buy, all with support from our passionate, experienced team who are here to ensure that products are delivered on time and to spec, every time.

Renowned for their strength, our products are extremely resistant to the elements; there’s a good reason our customers choose us time and time again!

If you’ve got any questions, or if you want to talk to a member of our specialist team, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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6 Things to Look for in an Access Management Manufacturer

So, you’ve got a client who is asking for a new access management system for…

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