PF9700S Single Automatic Swing Gates

Superior drive action, superior security. 

Our PF9700S Single Automatic Swing Gates are designed to secure openings between 1.5m and 5m.

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Product Description

About the PF9700S Single Automatic Swing Gates

Reduced install time
Quick and easy install means less engineer installation time Highly secure

Highly secure
Premium construction materials and process mean higher levels of security

Arrives assembled
Our swing gates arrive assembled, ready to bolt down

Automatic swing gates are the ideal solution where speed of opening and closing is essential or where space is at a premium. Our gates typically open faster and more safely than traditional swinging gates retrofitted with electro or hydraulic actuators.

Pre-configured as master/slaves at our factory to your requirements.

We offer a large range of standard infill options and RAL paint colours. A range of mounting options are available all included in our standard pricing.

We are able to offer infills to match your specification and if these are not on our standard offering, please get in touch. A full range of toppings and accessories are available for supply with your bi-folding gates to allow you to complete the installation.

Product Gallery

Bespoke automatic swing gates for any industry

The PF9700 range utilises a driven integrated frequency converter mounted within the pillar of the gate utilising single phase power, supplying a 3-phase motor, driving a gearbox with a direct-drive shaft connected to the gate leaf, ensuring a smooth and positive movement. As with all our automatic products they are 100% duty cycle.


Standard Infill Options

  • 358 Mesh
  • 656 Mesh
  • 868 Mesh
  • V Mesh
  • Vertical Round Bar
  • Vertical Diamond Bar
  • Palisade Triple Point W Section (gates over 1.8m high)
  • Integrated control panel operated via a Fieg inverter-controlled output to a 3-phase motor
  • CE/TUV approved and accredited to the highest standards to ensure security
  • BS/EN 12453 compliant

Catch Options

  • Catch Post
  • Birds Mouth
  • Floor Mount Centre Stop

Optional Extras

  • Bespoke Infills
  • Spiked Topping
  • Bespoke Toppings
  • Extensions
  • Master/Slave Operation

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