PF4000 Turnstiles

A range of 3 and 4 wing turnstiles, fully galvanised and painted to standard RAL colours. Can include smart cloud-based technology to manage your pedestrian access management needs more easily.
PF4000 smart turnstile in black and orange.
Manufactured in the UK
22 years’ experience
Delivered assembled, ready to install

Manufactured in Britain

About the PF4000 range of bespoke turnstiles

Constructed from mild or stainless steel, the PF4000 range of turnstiles and smart turnstiles are perfect for managing access in environments such as reception areas, arenas and venues, schools, public buildings and military bases. Can be fully configured as bi-directional or single direction only, and can be enhanced using smart biometric technology. As standard, all of our turnstiles are supplied with downlights and passage indicator LEDs.

The Parking Facilities Process

Our process has been honed over two decades, helping us design, manufacture and deliver your chosen access management solution as effectively as possible.
Your order will come through to our sales team. You’ll automatically receive a New Client Brief Form, which is designed to ensure that we have all the details required to deliver the perfect product, every time.
At this stage, you will be provided with an estimate based on the New Client Brief Form. This will be a rough amount for the project, ready for you to sign off.
Once you’re happy with the estimate and all the details within are confirmed, we’ll raise an official quotation, confirm stock and set a delivery date.
You’ll receive full drawings and designs. Before any production commences, you’ll need to confirm that everything is correct and you’re happy to proceed.
Then the magic happens! Our in-house engineers will begin to manufacture your product, bringing your vision to life.
Once manufacturing is complete, our transport and dispatch team will arrange either delivery or collection based on your preference. If delivery is chosen, we’ll safely bring your product directly to where it needs to be.

PF4500 Smart Turnstile

Our PF4500 Smart Turnstiles make use of the latest biometric technologies to automate pedestrian access management. Ideal for venues with high footfall, or for sites where automating check-in, background checks and inductions would save on hours of admin.
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single turnstile with fencing either side.

PF4000S Single Turnstile

One of the most reliable turnstile solutions available on the market, the PF4000S provides a simple pedestrian access management solution to any site. Our Turnstiles seamlessly form part of high-level perimeter security, requiring low usage knowledge.
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PF4000D Double Turnstile

Efficient & reliable, the PF4000D provides a simple pedestrian access management solution to any site, and is often customised to act as an entry/exit thoroughfare. Our turnstiles seamlessly form part of high-level perimeter security, requiring low usage knowledge.
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silver double turnstile.

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