Manual Barriers

A simple, cost-effective way to control vehicle traffic. Our manual barriers are built bespoke to meet your needs.
manual car park barriers by Parking Facilities.
Manufactured in the UK
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PF5000-21 manual car park barrier.

Manufactured in Britain

About the PF5000-21 manual barrier range

The PF5000-21 range of manual barriers can be supplied with either bolt down or cast in lockable end rests. They are one of the most elegant ways to control vehicular traffic, and come supplied with the correct weights and straining wire to allow for an easy and complete installation. As standard, our manual car park barriers are supplied in red/white, but yellow/black options are also available. Discounts can be offered if no end rest is required, and upgrade to a double forked & removable end rest can be included with your manual barrier order.

The Parking Facilities Process

Our process has been honed over two decades, helping us design, manufacture and deliver your chosen access management solution as effectively as possible.
Your order will come through to our sales team. You’ll automatically receive a New Client Brief Form, which is designed to ensure that we have all the details required to deliver the perfect product, every time.
At this stage, you will be provided with an estimate based on the New Client Brief Form. This will be a rough amount for the project, ready for you to sign off.
Once you’re happy with the estimate and all the details within are confirmed, we’ll raise an official quotation, confirm stock and set a delivery date.
You’ll receive full drawings and designs. Before any production commences, you’ll need to confirm that everything is correct and you’re happy to proceed.
Then the magic happens! Our in-house engineers will begin to manufacture your product, bringing your vision to life.
Once manufacturing is complete, our transport and dispatch team will arrange either delivery or collection based on your preference. If delivery is chosen, we’ll safely bring your product directly to where it needs to be.

PF5000-21 Heavy Duty Manual Barrier

Covering openings up to 9m, the heavy duty manual barrier provides a high degree of protection and helps regulate vehicular access to a site. Available with bottom skirts.
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heavy duty manual barrier.
standard duty manual barrier.

PF5000-21 Standard Duty Manual Barrier

Covering openings up to 7m, our popular standard duty manual barrier provides a high degree of protection and helps regulate vehicular access to a site. Available with bottom skirts.
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