Data Centre Access Management

For data centres, security is everything. Parking Facilities provide vehicular and pedestrian access management solutions to data centres, helping keep their premises safe. Our Smart Turnstiles use advanced biometric technology to ensure no unauthorised personnel enter your premises.
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data centre access management
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PF6000 LUX Automatic Barrier
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PF9700D Double Automatic Swing Gates
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Efficient access management for data centres
Data centres require tight security and easy, regular access management. Parking Facilities provide high-quality pedestrian and vehicular access management solutions to data centres across the country, including manual/automatic barriers and gates for traffic, and our industry leading cloud-based Smart Turnstiles for pedestrian access management. Our barriers, turnstiles and gates are chosen for a variety of reasons, including:
  • Industry leading
    Our products have been classed as the best in the industry.
  • Automate access management
    Our Smart Turnstiles use enhanced biometrics to control pedestrian footfall.
  • CE/TUV Approve
    Approved and accredited to the highest standards to ensure security.

Smart Turnstiles for Data Centres

Introducing: the PF4500 Smart Turnstile – the perfect solution to pedestrian access management for any data centre. Our PF4500 Smart Turnstiles make use of the latest biometric technologies to automate pedestrian access management. Ideal for centres with high footfall, or for those where advanced check in/check out measures would enhance security and significantly cut down on admin time.
  • 4G connection allows Smart Turnstiles to be used anywhere
  • Automatically updates 24/7 to ensure consistent uptime
  • Face recognition makes check in/out a breeze
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