PF4500 Smart Turnstiles

Our PF4500 Smart Turnstiles make use of the latest biometric and cloud technologies to automate pedestrian access management.
Easily manage and log all access in and out of a site, automate check in and streamline all access management.

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Product Description

About the PF4500 Smart Turnstile

Made in the UK
British made from galvanised steel and aluminium for a lightweight construction

4G connectivity
Smart Turnstiles can be used anywhere, using 4G to ensure stable connections

Face recognition technology
Make check in/check out a breeze with face recognition technology

The PF4500 Smart Turnstile is ideal for venues with high footfall, or for sites where automating check-in, background checks and inductions would save on hours of admin.
Parking Facilities are partnered with CloudPass, delivering a lean and green, unified cloud-based pedestrian management solution.
CloudPass technology allows us to remotely solve problems with your Smart Turnstile, dramatically reducing tyre time and your overall carbon footprint. Gone are the days of waiting weeks for an engineer to come out to you!

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Bespoke Smart Turnstiles for any industry

The PF4500 Smart Turnstiles are designed to make pedestrian access management quick, easy and efficient. Automatically log every individual who enters/exits your site, quickly check in and out and cut down on admin time. As with all our products they are 100% duty cycle.


Standard Infill Options

  • Low level controls and electrics ensuring reliable and efficient performance of the system.
  • Hands free operation allowing individuals to pass through without the need for manual interaction
  • Internal lighting providing clear visibility and a safe environment for users during low-light conditions
  • Passage indicator lights
  • Variable power supply ensuring consistent operation across various power environments
  • Programmable control panel allowing for tailored management of the turnstile functions
  • Fire alarm input built in as standard
  • Bi-directional offering flexibility in managing the flow of people through the control point
  • Emergency break glass with visual and audible sounder
  • Passage indicator lighting
  • Key switch for manual override
  • Security external shutter enhancing the security of the turnstile when it is not in use
  • Lifting eyes to enable the Smart Turnstile to be easily moved
  • Easy maintenance with an accessible maintenance box from the secure side
  • Software can be managed remotely CE approved and accredited to the highest standards to ensure security

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