Smart Turnstiles – The Future of Pedestrian Access Control

Smart Turnstiles – the lean and green pedestrian access control solution that is changing the game in the construction, logistics and events industries.


  • Automated check in/out
  • 4G connectivity (can be used anywhere!)
  • Cloud-based face recognition software

It’s no wonder they’re making waves!But what are Smart Turnstiles, how do they work and why are people so excited about this tech? In this blog, we’ll run through how they work, and the benefits they bring to the table.

What are Smart Turnstiles?

Smart Turnstiles make use of the latest biometric and cloud technologies to automate pedestrian access control.

They allow you to easily manage and log all access in/out of a site or venue, cutting down on admin requirements and making the process of securely accessing your site much easier for users.

Perfect for venues with high footfall, or for sites where automating check-in, background checks and inductions would save on hours of admin.

The advanced biometric technology used in Smart Turnstiles is provided in partnership with CloudPass, making use of their face recognition and access control cloud-based software. We’ll go into a little more detail about the benefits of this tech in a moment!

What can Smart Turnstiles do?

While yes, Smart Turnstiles act as your everyday access control turnstile, there is so much more they can do, including:

  • Logging attendance/entry time for your site
  • Conducting CO2 reports
  • Completing background checks (helping manage who has access to your site]
  • Push inductions/learning notifications to contractors at home
  • Face recognition for quick, efficient check in

9 Benefits of Smart Turnstiles

Face recognition

This tech is designed to reduce touch points and friction from your entry/exit points.

Face recognition can quickly scan people into/out of your site, automatically logging attendance and reducing your reliance on passes (it’s hard to forget your access card when it’s your face that lets you in!).

Cloud-based access control

Once a user has completed their enrolment (you can have as many users as you like), they can check in at any linked site, allowing for multi-site deployment, cutting down on the number of registrations required.

Not only this, but CloudPass allows for fast, safe and easy online inductions, ensuring that any operatives are fully informed about specific dangers and risks on your site/at your venue.

More tool time

As inductions are digitised and conducted before a user arrives at your site, it’s one less thing for your team to do.

This ensures that contractors spend more time on the tools and less time in the classroom.

4G connectivity

Working somewhere remote? Little-to-no access to WiFi? Not a problem!

The Smart Turnstiles operate using 4G, meaning that they can be used (almost) anywhere. Even if your internet connection drops, the turnstiles will continue to work offline. People can still access the site and the turnstile will work as normal, updating the server once connection is reestablished.

Cut down on admin time

As the Smart Turnstiles are fully automated, it cuts out the need for a significant amount of admin:

  • No time wasted on inductions (as mentioned earlier)
  • Check in/out is automatically logged
  • Background checks are kept up to date
  • Maintenance is flagged automatically (if there’s an issue, it’s often sorted before you notice it!)

Remote troubleshooting

Smart Turnstiles can be accessed remotely by our engineers, meaning that we can troubleshoot any issues you’re having without needing to visit.

This allows us to reduce tyre time, and often means that we can get issues sorted within hours. No more waiting days for an engineer to turn up at your site!

On the rare occasion that there are issues with your hardware that cannot be solved remotely, our team of specialists will advise accordingly.

Lean & green solution

As Smart Turnstiles are managed remotely, they significantly reduce the number of miles required to deliver the service.

Not only that, but they reduce the need for additional on-site hardware, actively cutting energy consumption as all data is stored in the cloud!

Reduce your cost and reduce your carbon emissions – what more could you want?

Made in the UK

All of our products, including the Smart Turnstile, are engineered in the heart of England out of the highest-quality galvanised steel and aluminium.

Plug & play

Smart Turnstiles arrive fully assembled, meaning that they’re quick and easy to install.

Stress-free instals, getting you up and running in no time at all!

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If you’d like to learn a little more about the Smart Turnstile, or if you’ve got any questions about any of our other access control solutions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our specialist team today.

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