What are the Different Types of Automatic Security Gates?

While it might seem like a minor detail, an old or cheaply built security gate or barrier can compromise your business’ security and success. 

A security breach on your property could mean the loss of valuable assets, such as your manufacturing equipment or inventory, the theft of sensitive data, or vandalism to your premises, all of which can cause significant disruption to your operation. 

No matter the size of your business or industry, if you have assets that need protecting or restricted areas that require controlled access, having a robust security access system in place is essential. 

That’s where Parking Facilities come in. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the extensive range of automatic security gates available from Parking Facilities and their various features.  

Automatic security gates from Parking Facilities  

Every business’s premises are unique, which is why we offer a variety of access management solutions that are tailor-made to your site specifications. 

Swing gates 

Swing gates are the ideal product for entry and exit points on your site. They operate on a hinge mechanism, allowing for quick opening and closing in either direction. They provide an excellent solution for both entrances and broader access points.

Our PF9700 range of automatic swing gates are available in a single or double configuration to protect smaller entryways or larger openings for pedestrian or vehicle access. 

This simple yet effective solution arrives fully assembled and ready to bolt down, ensuring minimum disruption to your site. 

Sliding gates

In comparison to swing gates, sliding gates are an excellent solution for properties with unique opening requirements. Set on a track, sliding gates move horizontally and do not require clearance for swinging motion. 

Our range of sliding gates are available in both standard and heavy-duty cantilevers for clear openings ranging from 6.0m to 12m and are designed to withstand frequent usage, renowned for their strength and durability. 

Manufactured right here in the UK, using only the highest-quality aluminium and steel, Parking Facilities products are guaranteed to last for many years. 

Bifolding gates 

Constructed from multiple panels, trackless bifold gates are designed to maximise space efficiency and are particularly suitable for areas with restricted space, such as narrow vehicle entrances. 

Ideal for business premises where seamless and swift access is a top priority, our PF9500 range also features a superior integrated control panel and encoder to ensure smooth, direct drive action.  

With these advanced features, our bifolding gates are the perfect solution for industries where a touch of added security is necessary. 

No matter your requirements, we offer a wide range of infill options to ensure that your security gates meet your premises specifications.

Classed as the best in the industry, our bifold gates are crafted using only the highest-quality materials available. All our automatic products are also 100% duty cycle.  

Why choose Parking Facilities?

With 22 years of experience in the industry as security access specialists, we understand the risks that poor access management solutions pose to businesses. 

For over two decades, we have honed our process, dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and delivering the highest quality access solutions on the market. All of our products are built from scratch right here in the UK, using only the highest quality aluminium and steel, and can be customised to meet your specific needs. 

Trusted by businesses across multiple sectors, we’re chosen time and time again as the top supplier of reliable security solutions that are built to last. 

Need gold-standard security access solutions on your premises? 

Get in touch with our team of experts today with your site specifications, and we’ll do the rest.

What are the Different Types of Automatic Security Gates?

While it might seem like a minor detail, an old or cheaply built security gate…

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